3 Reasons Why Insurance Agents Need To Get A Certified AAI Designation

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2 min readOct 20, 2020


A certified insurance agent who holds the AAI Designation

The certified AAI designation stands for Accredited Advisor in Insurance. It is a title that can be earned by taking a course and examination created by the Insurance Institute of America and the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America. The AAI program includes an all-around curriculum with useful insights on business, law, finance, marketing, sales, insurance coverages. Encompassing the foundations of insurance, multiple lines of insurance, agency operations, and sales management, the program is an authoritative source of education for insurance producers.

Here are 3 reasons why insurance agents should get an AAI designation:

1. Customers acquisition

Converting leads to clients is certainly not a simple task. Insurance agents spend so much time targeting leads and trying to convert them. However, not many realize that distinguishing themselves from other agents in the eyes of the customers is simple with the certified AAI designation.

It is recommended people to look for and ask insurance agents about their credentials when choosing an agent. The certified AAI designation can make your pitch more attractive for customer acquisition. AAI is a qualification you should attain as soon as possible. Most clients prefer to buy insurance from insurance agents who have the designation. These insurance producers are usually able to increase their clientele, and thus have greater earning potential.

2. Customer retention

The AAI designation is a qualification that can add great value to your profile as an agent. Insurance agents are trained to offer quality customer service; therefore, they can help clients to identify and meet their insurance needs. Knowledgeable customers are aware that insurance agents with the AAI designation can help provide comprehensive insight into complicated insurance cases. Clients who need such complicated insurance packages give great importance to the designation.

Customer retention is another aspect a regular insurance agent may struggle with. Insureds have huge grievances at the time of requesting an insurance claim. This is when most clients decide not to renew their insurance with their agent due to dissatisfaction. However, an insurance agent with a certified AAI designation has the knowledge and experience to handle customers and carriers through the claims process.

3. Legitimacy and professional advancement

Insurance producers who have acquired the designation are expected to demonstrate professional proficiency. These agents can distinguish themselves from their competitors who lack the designation.

Ethical decision-making skills are essential to the practice of insurance. Therefore, the AAI program also includes two modules on ethics which add to the legitimacy of accredited insurance agents. Having a group of insurance producers with the certified AAI designation will add legitimacy if you’re thinking of starting an insurance brokerage.



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