3 Simple Insurance Agency Marketing Techniques

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2 min readOct 19, 2020


Insurance Agency Marketing Techniques

Insurance agency marketing has become more and more complicated as the days go by. Insurance is a product that is sold with trust and confidence. With the increase in competition, gaining the trust and confidence of clients is even more difficult. Insurance agency marketing strategies, therefore, have become crucial. Here are four simple strategies you can include in your insurance agency marketing plan that can easily set you apart from your competitors.


Networking is making contact and exchanging information with other people from different groups and institutions. It helps to develop mutually beneficial relationships or to access and share information between computers. Networking within the community is a vital part of your insurance agency marketing strategy. However, networking can be a little exhausting and can come off as fake. Therefore, it is always better to network in a space your agents are comfortable in.

For example, if your insurance agency sells art insurance, then perhaps networking at art events, photography competitions, and museums would make sense. Similarly, if your specialty is auto insurance, then car launch events or car washes maybe your scene.


If your brand isn’t well known, then consumers would still make a purchase decision judging by how clean and professional your website design looks. Therefore, your insurance agency’s landing page and website design is crucial and must be added to your insurance agency marketing plan.

With the widespread use of google for any search query, SEO and website marketing is a must for any business, especially in the insurance industry. Since insurance is a complicated topic, your insurance agency marketing plan should include writing blogs about insurance for your website to earn authority and get ranked on Google’s and other search engines’ search page.

Social media:

Almost 80% of US adults use social media. Social media has made it easy for businesses to target their intended audience and demographic because of the vast user information social media has collected. From LinkedIn to Twitter, your insurance agency marketing plan must include strategies for the different social media platforms to make the best out of social media marketing.

Insurance agencies can use social media in a myriad of ways. If you want to know what people are saying about the products and services your agency provides, you could monitor social media conversations and responses to relevant mentions of your competitors. If you want to reach a specific set of audiences you could run highly-targeted social media advertisements. If you want to understand how your social media posts or ads are performing, you could analyze its reach, engagement, and sales through the analytics. This is how you can set up a social media marketing plan for marketing activities.



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