4 Ways You can Increase Your Insurance Sales Effectively

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3 min readFeb 7, 2020


Every professional in the sales business in hot pursuit for maximum efficiency. For insurance agents, things are no different to increase their insurance sales. In a progressive time like today, everyone understands the importance of insurance and are looking to insure for almost everything.

With disruptive business models like direct to consumer (DTA) distribution, agents face high competition to make a sale in today’s market. In such a scenario, how can an agent stand out to up their insurance sales game?

This article suggests few strategies that insurance agents can adopt to increase their insurance sales.

  1. Refine Your Website

Your website is one of the first touchpoints your clients will visit to find your information or contact details. Is your website appealing enough to grab their attention? Is the content interesting and relevant enough to have them hooked up and browse more? Is it convincing enough to make them take action in any of your pages? Is the website helping at all to make insurance sales?

Ask these questions and refine the website with proper changes. If you want your website to rank higher and compete with the best sites out there, using SEO techniques is necessary. Go through your competitor’s websites, analyze their contents, and find the gaps. Then, you can build your website to provide content that fills the gaps. Better content means high chances for insurance sales.

2. Be proactive while reaching out to clients

Not every contact can be a prospect for your insurance sales. As an agent, you need to filter out the potential ones from the rest if you want to close many insurance sales. So, be proactive and create a great first impression when reaching out to clients.

Check the people who are active and engaged with the contents you have published in your business pages or websites. Do a thorough background research on them, go through their social media profiles, and learn about the activities they are involved in. Try to figure out their interests. Making insurance sales will be easy if you can give them relevant content while contacting and communicating with them.

3. Look for Referrals

Referrals are a great way to make insurance sales as well. If your existing clients, business partners, or friends and families recommend you to others, it heightens the level of trust in you. But having someone refer you to a third person is not something in your control. They should do it out of their own will. So, what can you do to have yourself referred to someone else?

Always treat your clients and partners well. Give free advice and suggestions to people so they come back to you for more. Revisiting clients means high chances at insurance sales through renewals. Sometimes bragging about your knowledge and skills can help but do it in a way that you can impress them. And lastly, refer the people in your contact list to others so that they return the favor with a referral for you.

4. Keep Emails Short and Clear

Let’s be real here. Nobody is interested in reading a full-page email from a salesperson — that too, an insurance sales agent. Long-winded emails are a waste of time for both you and your prospect. So, keep all the sales-related messaging brief unless you are providing high-value resources or answers to direct questions. Or else, the prospects are going to skip the email by judging the length of email or by reading the first few lines.

Did you find these strategies to make insurance sales helpful? Let us know in the comment section below and drop in for any questions.



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