A Few Tips to Help Sell Insurance Coverage to Different Generations

How to prepare for every generation to sell insurance coverage?

Here are the various generations and the changes that have shaped their lives –

  • Silent generation — Born in a surrounding that was altered by war and chaos, technology did not influence them. They considered radios to be advance and prefer direct communication over any other medium. A respectful tone with a business-like appearance and exclusive discounts can help sell insurance coverage to these generations.
  • The baby boomers and the generation-x — spent most of their time outdoors and are very good at communication skills. Born during the time technology started advancing, they barely missed the internet. Although not inclined towards technology, they occasionally use it, so websites must be easy to navigate. However, direct communication is recommended to sell insurance coverage backed up by hard facts and proper protocols.
  • The millennials and the generation-z — were born during the times’ technology began its exponential advancement, and the internet was introduced. This led them to depend on technology and online services. They are accustomed to quick and instant services and are not used to waiting around. Furthermore, they rely heavily on customer service and rate products and services accordingly. Entrepreneur states that millennials are accustomed to research products online before making a purchase. Although student loans and the generation z burden, the millennials are just crossing their teenage. They will soon seek to provide coverages for what holds dear to them. According to Mckinsey, Gen-Z is the true digital natives and have been exposed to technology since early youth. Staying updated with technology and providing guidance at an early stage is the key to sell insurance coverage to them.



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