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3 min readOct 8, 2020

Agency management software or an AMS is a digital platform for agencies to alter the traditional method of using paper for documenting and storing records. An AMS is a cloud-based storage system that helps streamline all your operations and integrate them into a single system. This in return not only simplifies your work but also squeezes time into your busy schedule. The features of an agency management software ensure you have enough time to provide the right service your customer needs. However, an agency management software (AMS) is built for a specific niche in order to provide the best results. This makes it extremely crucial for an agent or an agency to select the right software that best meets their requirements.

How can agencies benefit from an agency management software?

Here are a few ways an agency can benefit from using an agency management software to automate their day to day schedule –

  • Build up and monitor your sales funnel — The marketing automation features helps fuel your pipeline and increase conversion rates effortlessly. In addition, the advancement of technology allows agencies to keep a visual track of their sales funnel in a single glance. Allowing agencies to identify their weak spots and re-automating accordingly.
  • Integrate with multiple carriers — An AMS can also generate quotes from a wide variety of carriers. This helps to impress clients by providing the best coverage for their exposures in an instant.
  • A single platform for all your operation — The automation features in an AMS also help to manage and automate business operations. Also, the cloud-based storage facility enables agents to access customer data whenever necessary.
  • Crate real time reports and analysis — An AMS is able to produce visually appealing reports backed by accurate numbers. This enables agencies to view their status from a financial as well as an operational standpoint. All this contributes to successful decision making, without missing any calculation.

Below are a few steps for you to go through to identify the right agency management system for your agency.

  • Identify your goals — Make sure you are clear of what you wish to accomplish in the coming years
  • Identify your needs — Figure out what your weaknesses are and where you wish to improve
  • Research your vendors — identify how the use of an agency management software could impact the sales
  • Make a decision — After identifying you goals and your needs, select the right AMS that best meets your requirements.
  • Manage the changes — The digital transition is not difficult but it will take some time to get used to it. The more you use it, the more confident you get

To sum it up, an AMS helps increase customer satisfaction, data security and provide quick turnaround time on claim settlements. According to Insureup, a survey found that 18% of the buyers would instead buy their coverages from amazon. Furthermore, according to McKinsey Global Institute, finance and insurance have a 43% automation potential. However, like we mentioned earlier, an AMS is niche specific. Hence it is extremely crucial you figure out your needs and requirements before jumping to conclusions.



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