Auto Insurance Endorsement: How can agents benefit from it?

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1 min readDec 13, 2019

Why auto insurance endorsement?

Give your client choices for their insurance policy. Help them with add-ons — insurance endorsements or insurance riders.

Why? Because It allows you to customize the plan as per need. You should know that the auto insurance policy is usually not enough to address a client’s needs. So you can pitch a new chapter of ENDORSEMENT.

Is it necessary for agents to know about endorsements? The answer is yes!

Learning the ins and outs of auto insurance endorsement/riders is beneficial for agents — whether your client has signed up for auto insurance or not.

Insurance riders provide advantages and limitations to an insurance policy. So you need to understand what endorsements are available for an auto policy, and how that endorsement can change the current insurance policy of your clients?

Auto insurance endorsements are handy. Why? Because they provide broad coverage, additions, or changes that may be necessary for your client.

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