Cyber Security Insurance: A Lucrative Market For Insurance Agents

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2 min readDec 11, 2019


Know what is on the rise? Cyber Security Insurance!

In the wake of technology advancement, businesses are taking full advantage of it in every way possible. However, cyber-attacks are also increasing in number.

Having said this, let’s now focus first on the latter half.


Does it do the companies any good? Definitely not!

For this, take the case of Uber for instance.

Popular ride-hailing app Uber had 57 million user accounts, and 600,000 drivers account breached back in 2016. For this, Uber tried to “resolve” the case of hacking on its own.

Long story short — To this day, the cyber-attack continues to cost Uber fortune for the damage has only begun!

Just like Uber, imagine several other companies.

Companies who feel threatened to see their business get struck by cyber-attacks. Multiply it by ten times after that.

The prime fact pointed out here is — companies of every kind, be it big or small, are looking out for Cyber Security Insurance with the sole motive of securing their business from any possible cyber-threats.

This very motive right here makes up to be every reason as to why insurance agents should choose to specialize in this niche.


Because at the end of the day, your clients are concerned about the ultimate reason — to protect their business!

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