D&O Insurance: Is It A Big Market For Insurance Agents?

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1 min readDec 16, 2019

Directors and Officers Insurance- A Brief Introduction

Directors and Officers Insurance, also known as D&O insurance, was created to safeguard company managers. Organizational duties require managerial decisions. That sometimes serves as a double-edged sword, and adversely affects the company. These kinds of D&O risks are common in the real world due to unpredictability.

Thus, the D&O Insurance Policy exists to finance the personal liabilities of the decision-makers in such cases. Moreover, if the organization has paid for such losses, the D&O insurance policy will also reimburse them. Interestingly, the coverage envelops past, present, and future directors and officers of the entire organization. The D&O claims are valid as long in two cases:

  • Claims made when the D&O policy is active.
  • Claims made fall within the extended period of the D&O contract.

The maximum length of the contract extension is 72 weeks. Agents should keep this in mind when selling D&O policies.

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