Digital Marketing: Insurance Agents’ Best Friend

The digital transition and the use of social media is extremely crucial for insurance agents to succeed in this digital era.

Independent insurance agents must step up their game and make the digital transition if they wish to thrive in the long run. The world is going digital and so must Independent insurance agents. Technology has developed exponentially in the past few decades and staying up to date has never been more significant. The generations of today, the millennials and the gen-z are highly dependent on the internet and its services. Products and services that are not available on the internet is considered either to not exist or old fashioned. Growing up these two generations were highly influenced by technology and hence taking advantage of this mindset can be the key to success.

Not only the younger generations, but even the older ones that include the baby boomers and the gen-x make use of the technology of today and understand its potential. Although not too inclined towards technology, a certain level of digital marketing can prove to be effective. However, Independent insurance agents must understand that in order to make sales a direct communication and a formal tone is a must.

This is why independent insurance agents must utilize social media marketing strategies in order to meet their goals. According to property casualty 360 social media marketing is cost effective way for generating leads. Insurance agents can not only increase sales through online digital platforms, but can gain many more benefits from its use, some of them are:

  • It is cost-effective

There are a few things insurance agents must keep in mind before beginning their digital marketing journey and they are

Identify your audience — Know your audience and what they are looking for as this will provide a base to start with

Align your goals and objectives — Make sure your goals are reasonable and attainable

Research your competition — independent Insurance agents can engage in social listening and stay updated with the current trends and information.

Optimize your accounts and websites — Optimize your content to be SEO friendly to fuel pipelines with traffic

Evaluate and tie loose ends accordingly — Run a campaign and evaluate the results. Identify the weak points adjust them accordingly. Launch a second campaign and repeat the same.

Statista predicts that by 2020 there will be 249.7 million social media users alone in the US. Going digital can give insurance agents an edge over their competitors. reach, social media platforms are the right place to showcase themselves.

The learning curve is high and the benefits cannot be fathomed. However, setting up profile and adding information won’t cut it anymore. Independent insurance agents must constantly stay active on their social media platforms if they wish to bring traffic to their sites. The digital world evolves by the minute and along with it, effective marketing strategies. Independent insurance agents must always be on their toes and look out for newer updated technology that helps improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately sales.



Agency Height is an insurance blog that offers insurance agents content about the insights and queries of the industry to make their work more efficient.

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Agency Height

Agency Height is an insurance blog that offers insurance agents content about the insights and queries of the industry to make their work more efficient.