How to Avoid Errors and Omissions Claims Against Insurance Agents?

Errors and omissions claims for insurance agents can have heavy consequences on their career and financial status.

Errors and omissions claims are a constant threat for insurance agents. The increase in demand of coverages and the increase in the types of coverages provided, some mistakes are bound to go unseen. In addition to this insurance agents are the only bridge of communication between the insurers and the insureds. We all commit mistakes during some time however, a professional mistake committed by an agent has a hefty impact. It not only has a heavy financial impact but also affects an agent’s reputation and his status. This is why an agent must always follow the proper protocols and build their sales funnel with due diligence.

There are many ways an agent can fall victim to errors and omissions claims. However there a few common ones that we will be discussing in this blog and how agents can take precautions to avoid them

Document everything from the very first step. Ask your clients to go through the documents and review it. Clients tend to forget what they had specified to their agents when the coverage fails to go their way. A common case of false errors and omissions claims which every agent has to go through once in their career. However, documenting can help avoid misunderstanding and also act as an evidence when necessary.

Honesty pays

Agents must avoid trying to oversell or exaggerating benefits that are not originally mentioned in the policy. Agents tend to do this in order to meet their end of the day objectives or to increase their sales. This often leads to agents selling policies that are not required by the insured. Due to which, an errors and omissions claims lawsuit becomes inevitable.

Quality time

Agents must also spend quality time with their clients in order to fully assess the risks surrounding them. Many agents, because of their busy schedule fail to do this and ultimately, end up missing out a few key points which land them fighting legal lawsuits. Risk assessment is a crucial part of selling policies and agents must always be completely aware of the policies provided by their carriers.

Constant monitoring

Lastly, agents must constantly monitor their carriers. Agents must make sure they have reputed carriers backing up their coverages. In addition to this, agents must also monitor their carrier’s financial situation and how well they hold up to their services in the market.

These are a few guidelines to follow in order to avoid falling victim’ to errors and omissions claims. According to cita insurance, agents must prepare their sales process with due diligence and honesty. However, no matter how hard we try and how organized we are, even at a professional level, mistakes occur here and there. This is when approaching an accredited advisor in insurance comes to play. AAI are those individuals who have passed tests to prove their vast knowledge on the insurance sector. They can provide insightful advices to remain protected if a mistake did occur. If all this does not work, insurance agents can turn to their last resort which is errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents. Insurance journal has made it easier by laying out their input on the omission’s insurance cost and coverage.

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