Insurtech: Internet of Things and Customers

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3 min readOct 20, 2020


Insurance tech usage is increasing at a swift pace, and the growth has covered not only the tasks for insurance agents but also insurance careers. With this, there is also a rise in the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of things, like another insurance tech, has changed how insurance agents handle their customers. The idea of doing their business has changed, contributing to the productivity of the work. Also, it is a cost-effective way of handling business.

Here are some of the ways how the Internet of things helps to retain more customers.

  1. Gathering customer data

The Internet of things has changed a lot when it comes to the way how insurance agents work. The area that this insurance tech has contributed the most is in the collection of customer data. Gathering a massive amount of data is easier because IoT can collect even the secondary data of the customers’ lives. It is possible to trace their location and other personal information. You can also know what websites they visit the most because of insurance tech.

Coverage, an insurance news source, says that insurance tech has opened new opportunities in insurance companies, many of which are based on collecting data.

Now, it might seem like violating their privacy, but it is not. Customers agree to give them this information so that they are well recognized. So, insurance tech can understand the clients better and use these data to make personalized products as per their requirements.

2. More manageable risk assessment duties

Insurtech, quite surprisingly, makes the risk assessment duties more manageable with the help of technology devices. GPS trackers, home alarms, etc. are some of the tools that give a lot of insight to the customers. The risk assessment process includes processes like identifying and estimating the risks of the customers. It provides the identification of risks that the customers can know to stay secure and protected.

According to BRINK, a global risk insight source, insurance tech gives a more real-time risk assessment service. After recognizing the possible threats and risks, it is possible to prioritize them and use certain types of approaches that would address them. Using insurance tech in risk assessments will help gain the trust of customers because it is a pretty systematic way of handling solutions for future threats.

3. Offering the right products to the clients

After getting all the relevant data to recognize the clients and identifying their possible threats, it is easier for insurance agents to understand their requirements and customize products for them. Customers are looking for a product that fits their situation the most. Insurance tech allows you to find the right product for clients as well.

Because of this, you can even know about customizing the products for the clients. These days, customers look for affordable products. But more than that, they search for something that solves their problems. So, after they have given all the details, it is easier for agents to find a product, customize it and offer it to the clients.



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