It’s time Insurance Producers say ‘I do’ to Wedding Event Insurance

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2 min readDec 8, 2019

To be more clear on this matter, let’s get a bit fact-oriented, shall we?

As per the Entrepreneur, weddings alone have a market of around $51 billion in the US. According to Forbes, the wedding bill on average in the US comes out to be about $30,000, which is expensive since people are investing it for a single day.

Well, this data was only from the couples’ point-of-view. The inside scoop on this niche market is yet to get better!

It’s not only the couples who look for this insurance; even wedding venues are demanding for it!

With more and more wedding events on their plates, wedding venues are calling out for cancellation wedding insurance even more. And this is where you, the insurance producer, can make way for yourself and stand out.

The best part?

Insurance producers are reaping huge profits from this market!

According to USA Today, WedSafe, an event insurance company, witnessed a 60% rise in the sales of wedding insurance policy since 2007.

If you are worried about the risks of this market, then don’t be! The data shows that this niche market is financially viable too.

In the Wedding Insurance, we are talking about a hard insurance market where there is a high demand for insurance coverage by your clients. But only a few insurance producers are present to meet those demands. So, the gap between the need of clients and the insurance producers available in this niche market is a pretty evident reason as to why the insurance producers should specialize in this niche market.

You know what this means, right?

The time is now!

Tap the Wedding Event Insurance market, for it can be the stepping stone for you to be one of the leading insurance producers!

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