Role of Insurance Agents in the Clients’ Insurance Claim Process

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3 min readOct 18, 2020
Insurance agent talking about the insurance cliams process

The clients’ insurance claim process can be complex to understand for the insurance policyholders. Insurance claims as a claim that insurance policyholder makes when they have suffered some loss or damage. This damage has to be caused by one of the perils named in the insurance policy for the insurance policyholder to be able to get the compensation.

Insurance agents can play a significant role in the claim process. The input of efforts by insurance agents in the clients’ insurance claim process can lead to satisfied customers. It also means that the customer retention for the insurance agents would also increase.

Here are some of the steps on how insurance agents can add value to the client’s insurance claim process.

Insurance agents can give claim advice

When it comes to insurance claims, the insurance agents can guide their clients through the insurance claim process. You, as an insurance agent, can give valuable advice. If a client has recently had multiple claims files, you can go over the specific situation to determine a cost-effective path for your clients. You can also explain how the history of the client’s claim can impact their policy payments.

The clients will have a lot of questions while going through your clients’ insurance claim process. These questions can include:

  • Who to contact about the insurance claim?
  • How will the evaluation of the losses process take place?
  • How the process and timing of filing the claim can affect the claim compensation.
  • Whether the insurance company would pay the compensation or reject the claim?
  • How quickly can the policyholders expect to get compensated?

You as an insurance agent must be familiar with the clients’ insurance claim process to be able to answer these queries of the client. This job of helping with the clients’ insurance claim process can be difficult for the insurance agents if they have multiple clients with various types of insurance claims filed at the same time. If this is the case with you, then you can use claims management software. Software is available in the market to help insurance clients with claims processing.

Help the customers with filing the claim

The filing of an insurance claim can be a very tedious and annoying process for the insurance policyholders. You as an insurance agent can provide additional value to your clients by assisting them while filing the insurance claims. You can have more knowledge regarding the insurance policies in the insurance industry rather than your clients. You can use this knowledge to help out your clients. Further, you can also familiarize yourself with the process of filing a claim. Helping out clients in this challenging process will lead to increased customer satisfaction.

You, as insurance agents might have a lot of work to deal with, and assisting in your clients’ insurance claim process might seem to be less attractive. Relationship building is an essential part of the insurance agent’s success. Helping your clients in the insurance claim process allows you to build a positive relationship with the customers leading to high customer retention.



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