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2 min readDec 4, 2019

The know-about of generation diversity-what is it?

Generation diversity is the variety of people representing different age groups, working together. From silent generation, who are ripe with experience, to generation Z bringing out newer ideas and their thirst for knowledge, each generation has its own style.

Though not without challenge, there are many benefits to a diverse environment.

The opportunity

With the rise of millennials and their step towards adulthood, now is the best time to approach this generation. Though millennials aren’t the only possible investors. The majority of baby boomers are considering their retirement plan, and with it, the need to look after their lifelong asset and family members as well.

The way you approach your clients varies according to their needs and requirements. To sell insurance to different people of different generations, you need to first know about those generations. You need to know what they are comfortable with and the kind of environment they grew up around. Understand their nature, their behavior, and you will learn to deal with them accordingly. Sell insurance to them successfully by understanding their requirements.

Now let’s break down different generations and the way to deal with them.

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