Technology in The Insurance Industry: How is it Changing The Future of The Insurance Industry?

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3 min readOct 15, 2020


Technology in the insurance industry brought changes to the industry drastically. Not only insurance agencies but insurance carriers are gravitating towards it too. And if it does not sound significant, even the customers find it more convenient. Technology has changed the industrial development and operations. Everybody from the insurance industry has adapted to its use, and it will change it in the future as well. With technology comes more innovation, and with innovation, there are better chances.

Here, we will discuss how technology in the insurance industry is responsible for changing the future.

  1. Rise of the digital ecosystem

The insurance industry has been running in a very traditional system. And in reality, many approaches are still the same till today. But these days, competitions are increasing too. And everyone involved in insurance has to keep up with the game by staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

According to McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, the digital ecosystem’s rise has reshaped customers’ expectations. It has also redefined boundaries in the industry.

Some of the majorly used technology in the insurance industry is artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning.

2. Automated tasks

Another big way that technology in insurance can change the insurance industry’s future is by automation. The process also shows how much it covers the tasks involved in the insurance industry. The responsibilities of an insurance agent related to claims processing and underwriting are a pretty time-consuming process. But, thanks to technology in insurance, duties like these use automation now. There is an increase in efficiency because automation cuts downtime consumption and avoids human errors.

Claims processing and underwriting tasks are slowly getting automated. Even insurance providers are using automation, such as chatbots, to make their work easier. They can connect to the customers in real-time and also answer directly to their queries. And since it is easy, it will take on the future of the insurance industry.

3. Change in the job roles of insurance agents

Insurance agents might have fears that the rise of technology in the insurance industry will replace them because automation has excluded so many responsibilities. However, it is not true that the insurance agents are getting replaced.

G2o, a technology solution for customers, says that it has changed tasks like multitasking and underwriting. Their works and experiences are still relevant and are useful in many different situations. How it will change the insurance industry is by making the insurance agents adapt to this change.

The change is something that will improve the competitiveness of your insurance agency. Adapting to these changes will make the jobs easier for insurance agents, but they will also have spare time to do more research and learn something on their own.

The rise of technology in the insurance industry has also introduced new marketing strategies. New techniques had given the increase in new ways of doing business because there is a significant change.



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