Top five tips for beginners to start a successful independent insurance brokerage

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3 min readApr 16, 2020

Starting your independent insurance brokerage from scratch can be scary and confusing. There might be a lot of things to consider, and you might be confused about what part to give more focus. To begin a successful insurance brokerage journey, you should be familiar with the following tips:

1. Handle your sales funnel effectively

Your pipeline might be full of leads, but you should have the ability to handle them too. Every insurance brokerage has a lot of tasks to perform, which can be overwhelming. So, after you generate leads, you should learn how to turn them into your clients. Making the customers feel like you prioritize their problems will help you succeed.

Try using Insurtech and automation for effective management of the system. They will give you the ability to view the entire network of contacts. You can plan, schedule, and organize your tasks and keep track of all of them. You will also be able to know what part of your work needs changes and improvements.

2. Go digital with your brokerage

Paperwork includes bundles and bundles of forms, contracts, proposals, certificates, and more. Managing them is a tiresome job and requires a lot of time. Imagine the amount of work you can complete instead of sorting them out in the paper. Digitally performing all the operations is the new hack for a time-efficient and systematized insurance brokerage.

One example of a digital business tool is Microsoft Office 365. Sales funnel software is also helpful in other business parts of insurance brokerage. The system in these tools help you keep track of your relevant data, files, etc. Hence, it saves time and effort, which is useful to complete other vital tasks.

3. Smoothen out your workflow through Insurtech and automation

The insurance brokerage system has changed a lot in the past years. The transition includes a digital workflow that has revolutionized the work culture. The sales approach has completely changed compared to the traditional method. Automation has allowed insurance brokerage companies to perform a more risk advisory role.

Forms, reviewing, and comparing quotes, binding coverage can all be automated now. Most of the tasks in insurance brokerage will be much more effective through Insurtech and automation. Since the majority of insurance brokerage includes baby boomers, they might find the digital work system overwhelming. But, if they learn to adapt to the change, their experience will enhance.

4. Find your niche

The need for insurance has increased because of the variations niche available in this field. You should choose one niche and become an expert in it. Choosing one for an insurance broker should not be a difficult task. There are lots of unheard niches so that a broker can choose from them.

Explore and find a niche that you find exciting and have the potential for growth. Your insurance brokerage niche can be anything that you are good at or the one that has a high demand. Don’t worry; there are plenty of niches that you can explore and learn.

5. Try to target the millennials

Most of the innovative entrepreneurs today are millennials. The problem is that they understand the importance of insurance but might not be fully aware of how it works. If you’re running an insurance brokerage, it is your job to understand their weaknesses and offer them help. So, you should develop the right set of strategies to sell them an insurance policy.

Do not worry if you do not have any idea on how to start your independent insurance brokerage. Everybody has questions on how to begin one and what things to focus on more. These steps cover the parts of your business that needs the most attention.



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