Dec 20, 2019

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Uber and Lyft Insurance: Agents for the Rideshare Insurance Market

Want to know how they are boosting the insurance industry as well?

In today’s context, a lot of people are involved in ride-sharing services. With more and more drivers looking to work with Uber and Lyft, the more they are calling out for Uber and Lyft Insurance.

In this scenario, you may question yourself — With commercial coverage in the market, why would clients seek for Uber or Lyft Insurance instead?

Here’s the thing -

According to InsuranceBusinessMag, Rideshare Insurance is a lot cheaper than commercial auto insurance.

Secondly, rideshare insurance provides coverages for the damages that the commercial counterpart fails to offer most of the time.

This exact reason is what makes this market more demand-driven by the clients.

Having said this — How is it a lucrative market?

For this, you need to view it from the carrier’s point-of-view.

The carriers are partnering up with this market to provide Uber and Lyft Insurance.


Carriers are reaping the benefits of rideshare insurance. Top carriers like Geico, Allstate, StateFarm, and many more have come to know the market potential of rideshare insurance since many drivers are tapping into this market.

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Originally published at on December 20, 2019.

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