What do the Best Captive Agents do?

Captive agent helping insurance clients

The best captive agents have gotten high returns from selling insurance. As a captive agent, you must also wonder what these successful agents do differently. Captive agents are agents who only quote from one insurance carrier. Although being a captive agent has its boundaries, here are some best captive agents that have helped them win customers and enjoy high profits.

The best captive agents develop their strategies.

Successful insurance agents develop marketing strategies to promote all types of new insurance contracts. They suggest additions and changes to existing insurance packages. Evaluating business or individual customers’ needs according to their financial status, they propose the perfect protection plans. They plan and review the integration of insurance policies into the accounting system of the company. Developing sales and marketing plans, they compete with agents in the same field. Therefore, they achieve their sales target by adopting these methods and strategies.

The best captive agents build relationships with clients.

Insurance agents continuously have to look for new clients and increase the network to find out new customers. Hence, the successful agents create a pool of prospective clients from various sources by networking, cold calling, using referrals, etc. Interviewing potential customers, agents gather data about their insurance needs, the person’s physical condition, or property to be insured, financial resources, future financial requirements, and know about their existing coverage, if any. They are honest and explain the features, merits, and demerits of various insurance policies to encourage the sale of an insurance policy. So, they create productive relationships with clients. Working with clients, they deliver risk management strategies that fit their risk profiles. They try to understand the clients’ requirements and request customizing the insurance plan to meet their needs. They also monitor insurance claims to ensure mutual satisfaction and fulfill all policy requirements.

The best captive agents renew their knowledge.

Captive agents must regularly update job knowledge. To learn about new products and services, the best captive agents attend seminars, programs, and insurance industry meetings. They learn about the latest products, services, and techniques. Updating themselves about policy-related information such as modification in the existing plan, or services or introducing a new policy. They collect information regarding other insurance companies as well to know about their competing products and services. This sets them apart from when they explain to the clients and how their insurance plans are competent as compared to others. Secondary research can come in handy to find out about current issues and trends.

The best captive agents act as a bridge between multiple parties.

Insurance agents have to communicate with several parties. However, the way the best captive agents coordinate their communication is key to their success. They call clients to explain, deliver, and modify the insurance package. Estimate the insurance plan, and they recommend changes or any add-ons. They discuss with their clients about their needs and receive information about the claims. Helping in the claims process, they settle the claim rightfully for both the insurer and the client. They contact underwriters to customize insurance policies to meet the client’s requirements. They try their best to cover multiple risks so that the client gets the best plan suited for their needs.



Agency Height is an insurance blog that offers insurance agents content about the insights and queries of the industry to make their work more efficient.

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Agency Height

Agency Height is an insurance blog that offers insurance agents content about the insights and queries of the industry to make their work more efficient.